Things I’d Like My Son to Know 

Lesson #14 – Punch above your weight, launching, just for you.

It was a conversation that I had with a friend some months ago that inspired me to share this message with you.  

He was trying to inspire his son to pick a stable career and whilst he was looking at options he told his son one thing that stuck with me.  He said “No matter what you think you want, punch one above”.  Fortunately from him, his son was a sports guy and understood the reference.  

His son did just that, and he had his fathers support behind him.

I was taking a look at the possible future for my son. I was looking at the whole picture, how to motivate him, allow him to find out what he loves, and how I could help to push him to go one step above..

When I first met Sid’s mum, i knew for sure, that she was WAAAY out of my league – in every way imaginable. 

She is beautiful, super intelligent, energetic, well travelled, wise beyond her years and she is all of these qualities in abundance.  See the thing is – I was no way going to be able to date, let alone marry someone like her..

I was a little shy, awkward and geeky, and I looked like I needed a little sun.  My skin always looked a little pale, and I was really slim.  But I had a big heart.  I wore it on my sleeve, and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman. 

Don’t ask me how it happened, because to this day I still don’t know.  

See at that time, we were already friends, and new each other quite well.  We got along well and had some similar interests, but still – I was a 5/6 and she was a 10…(not meaning to objectify us at all), but somehow we ended up falling for each other, and we’ve been together ever since.

It wasn’t without issue.

I had many people telling me that “She’s way out of your league”, “You travel in different circles”, “You’re not good enough for her”.

People trying to put doubts in my mind about her, trying to make me believe that it wasn’t going to happen. 

All I knew was that this was the woman I wanted to be with. End of.

That is all the motivation I needed to close off the voices, to ignore the noise.

What all that noise did do, was to push me to be the best version of myself.  Not in a two faced way, but to place a very true mirror infront of my minds eye and recognise what I was, and what my strengths were.  To work on my flaws, and strengthen my character.

I learned at that time, that if you want something or someone that is seemingly way out of your reach, punch higher for it, and be the best of what you can be, maintain that level, and the effort pays off.  

Son, I want you to be provided for, in the best possible way.  I am taking a huge step today and launching – an online shop to provide kit and gear for dads, designed for dads, to help engage in the childcare activities, and be active in the role.

I am launching it with the desire that it helps to provide the material comforts for you – for your education, your activities, your future.  If theres one thing that I believe – that if you work hard, and set your sights and goals high, then set them higher again, with diligence, effort and passion, things will work out perfectly.

Son if you punch above your weight, you will encounter the nay sayers, the haters, the ones that will tell you “there’s no way its going to happen”. 

There will be ones that will seem like they support you, but put roadblocks in your path, ones that will tell you to reach higher but shackle your ankles.  Be aware of these people.

There is much to learn from them.

Punching above your weight will mean having to dig deep inside yourself and find that thing that motivates you to reach, the reason you’re doing it in the first place, and remember it all the time, make it the core of your being.  It will be the encouragement you need to raise your game, break off the shackles, climb over the roadblocks, and block out the noise of the haters. 

Once you can get into this zone son, you’re already there.  

I love you with all my being, and all I do is for you, you are the gift I received that is beyond what I thought I would have.  Everyday i try and punch above my weight to improve to be better, to be the dad you need, to be the dad you deserve, to be the dad you will hopefully one day be proud of.


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