A Game of Chess

Pawn moves first,
Bishop moves next.
Every step is a move.
Every move is a turn.
You take the King, you win!
You take like a maniac and you make your enemy weak.
Only the pawn gets upgraded if it reaches the enemy’s side.
You must swap your pawn for the Queen if it’s been taken.
If the Queen has not been taken you can choose another piece.
In that way, even a small pawn can win the game.

By Siddak Jhamat, age 6

She Sounds Good

She sounds good

She looks good.

She feels good.

She is good.

She’s always good

She’s always going up and down,

doing things for me,

And cuddling and kissing me

whenever I want.

She always looked after me when I was a baby,

And was always nice to me when I was a child.

I always love her

I always love her.

By Siddak Jhamat

(Wednesday 11th November 2020)

In The Ocean

In the ocean there are fish

In the sea we find shells

Waves bigger than houses

Blowing with the wind

An anemone goes, waving tentacles,

And people upon ships and boats.

Flying speedboats, racing with all,

And with turtles that go snap.

By Siddak Jhamat

(Sunday 8th November 2020)

Saving the World, One Shave at a Time.


Ive been shaving since I was about 13 years old, and I’ve used my fair share of blades.  Disposable, ones with 2 blades, 3 blades, 5 blades – all of them with the ability to serve a crappy shave, and charge me for the privilege.

IMG_20170729_134935It was whilst considering my plastic foot print that I realised I go through about 2 blades a week, and dispose of these un-recyclable blades straight into the trash.

This equates to over 100 blades a year… none of which could be recycled.  Over the lifetime so far, I have used over 2500 blades and razors which can’t be broken down into parts for recycling easily.

I remember as a child watching my granddad use a wonderful razor blade, a shaving brush and a shaving soap, and never ever using a disposable blade.  So I decided to take the plunge and purchase my first safety razor blade handle and blades.

This has to have been the most daunting purchase of my life.  I was about to move away from using multi blade, disposable blades, to a new, single blade heavy weight razor which I would have to put together by myself each time I needed a new blade..

So here are my findings, and what I think all men (and women) need to do in order to break free of the gimmick of disposable blades.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Perhaps the one thing that is most enjoyable at Christmas and this time of the year is heading on out to watch a pantomime or play.

I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of pantomime but I certainly enjoy a good play in a theatre. And boy did this play not disappoint!

 I’ve not been to the Birmingham Town Hall in as many as 20 years and love what they’ve done with the renovations.

Having never read the book I wasn’t sure what to expect from the play “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”, and this was a complete surprise to me.

To see how the translation of literary works into such music and entertainment could be performed with so much enthusiasm and vigour and fun was truly a delight and the laughs that ensued were testament to the production and cast

A great cast using brilliantly simple props in a beautifully lit hall captivating all the youngsters and parents/grandparents alike.

Sid really enjoyed himself here (as did Sang and I) so be prepared for tons of audience participation, great humour, lovely visual fun and the occasional Splish splash!