The well placed F-Bomb.

So I’m not a huge fan of foul language, (in front of children), but sometimes the little things can really annoy the sht out of you at times. One such time was a couple of nights ago when my phone decided to play silly buggers and not connect to the Wi-Fi at home. The story of what happens next will crack you up…

Its late in the evening, and I’m about to take my son for his bath.  I decide that some music is in order because, well why not, and go to get my phone from the kitchen where it was sat charging.  I had left it for about 40 minutes or so, and it had only picked up about 10% charge which was infuriating, as Sid’s bath would take at least 8% of the charge.

Anyway I realise that it is also not connected to the Wi-Fi and so I turn the Wi-Fi on on the phone, and wait.  And wait.  And wait.

By this time I’m seriously hacked off and under my breath, seeing that my son is now buzzing around me I mutter “why the fk isn’t the phone connecting to the Wi-Fi?!?!?!”. He was about a metre away from me and I immediately realised I had said those magic words a little too loudly.  He suddenly stopped what he was doing, stared me right in the eye and said “Daddy don’t say that. Don’t say fk. It’s not nice to say it. Instead say .. Hmm (looks at his book of planes) instead say helicopter.”

I was both amazed and mortified at the same time.

I wanted to swing my genius son around and at the same time cut off my tongue for using such profane language in front of my angel with horns child.

There was an itching curiosity within me as I rested that evening.

How did my son, my 2 year old, whom we never swear in front of, know that fk is such a bad swear word?  No-one told him, and certainly not me.  I wondered – did my son realise that my frustration, linked to the extremely well placed F-Bomb meant that the word I used was a naughty word?  Or has someone secretly been teaching my son things to just wind me up?

I did a very crude experiment with him the next morning.  I pretended to get really angry and shouted out “What the chin!?!?!” – and lo and behold – he stopped what he was doing (eating) and said – “Daddy – don’t say Chin.  It’s not nice”.

Could it be that children are that more sensitive to the way we say things compared to what we say?

If it is so, then it is both sentiment, emotion, AND language that has an impact on a child.

This relates quite nicely to what we hear about communication and arguments – most of the time arguments occur not be cause of what we say – but because of how we say it.

It seems like this is not a learned construct – It’s almost innate and we know what this “feeling” of negativity is, from a very young age.

If there’s anything I have learnt from this experience, that is to never underestimate 2 things.

  1. The value of a well placed F-Bomb
  2. The ability of your child at such a young age to pick up on emotion, more than the words.

5 Top Baby Weaning Meals 

As a very protective father, I found that managing my son’s food intake as he transitioned into solids a real challenge. I mean, what do I give him? Do I give him chicken? How well cooked? Thigh or breast? Do I give him fish? What about the bones?  

Sid’s breakfast

 You can see where I’m going with this…

So anyway, I started off light… Fresh mash with a little fresh steamed fish… Then it all took off….

Here are he top 5 meals I’ve made for my 1 year old in order of his preference… Enjoy! 

1. Fish pie with cheesy potatoe mash sauce

  • Oven bake frozen mackerel fillets with a little butter and lemon 
  • Meanwhile, boil potatoes for the mash sauce. 
  • Once boiled, drain off the water , leaving a little in the pan with the potatoes and return to the cooker. 
  • Add to the potatoes, a good splash of milk, butter, and grate some mature cheese and whisk together to make a smooth paste. 
  • Take out the fish, flake and remove any bones and add to the sauce mix. 
  • Serve…

2. Steamed fish with spinach and broccoli mash 

  • Bake haddock with lemon and butter
  • Boil some broccoli and chopped potatoes and wilt some spinach 
  • Once the veg are cooked, remove the brocollli to a chopping board and chop up, adding the wilted spinach which should also be chopped up. 
  • Once you’re happy that it’s fine enough for the little one, add to the boiled potatoes and pop in some butter and milk. Whisk together and top with the cooked fish. 

If you want a sauce for this dish, there are 2 options below that you may like. I use these a lot. 

3. Potatoe and spinach curry 

  • Par boil potatoes and remove from water. 
  • In a non stick pan, add the following in order 
  • A glug of olive/coconut oil, heat it up 
  • Finely chopped garlic (1 clove)- don’t burn it
  • Finely chopped onion- stir and cook till golden 
  • Add a little ginger, turmeric and black pepper. 
  • Cook for a minute until the mixture is a rich orange. 
  • Add a little pasatta and stir until the mixture loses a little of its water. 
  • Add the potatoes and chop in spinach. Cover and cook on a low heat stiring occasionally. 
  • Cool and serve.

4. Cottage pie

  • Heat some oil in a pan, add to it some minced lamb and cook until brown
  • Add finely chopped onions, a little garlic, some frozen veg, the ones with peas, chopped carrots, green beans, and sweet corn is a good bag to have in your freezer!
  • Make up some low salt stock and add to the cooking meat and veg. 
  • Cook through and add thickening agent such as cornflour or plain flour. 
  • Meanwhile make up some mash as in the above recipes and separate the mixture into small storage containers, top with the mash. Cool and serve. 

5. Spanish omelette 

  •  Whisk 2 eggs, adding a splash of milk and seasoning. 
  • In a non stick pan heat up some olive oil, add chopped tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, par boiled small chopped potatoes. 
  • Heat up in the oil and once the mixture is hot, add the eggs. 
  • Stir the veg around to make it even and turn the heat to medium. 
  • Flip the mixture cooking the eggs thoroughly 

The recipe for a poorly boy …

So the little man is poorly… And taking full advantage of it!!!  
So the most he’s eaten today is a lovely fresh chicken burger I made from scratch, and because he’s little and needs some vegetables too, I grated them into the mix before cooking…

 What you need..

Half a carrot

Half a potatoe

A couple of pieces of broccoli 

Some chicken mince



Egg wash

How it’s made…

Grate the veg and micro for 3 mins to soften

Add to chicken mince and mix together

Divide into portions and dip into egg and coat in breadcrumbs 

Fry in a little veg oil on a medium heat until cooked through..