Lesson #15 – Follow your heart, create your path.

Things I want my son to know. 

Lesson #15 – Follow your heart, create your path.

Out mowing the lawn on a gorgeous sunny Sunday, I look back and find that you’re mowing the lawn right behind me!

Like. A. Boss.

Your mum took this awesome photo, and while at the time I didn’t realise you were there, when I saw you, then I saw this picture , it was profound, in so many ways.

Firstly, you were there, and I didn’t see you imitating me.  Secondly, you were cutting the grass, creating your own path, but imitating me doing. Thirdly, and most significantly,  there was the combination of both 1 and 2 – you were watching me, copying me, and felt it was normal and importantly, the right thing to do.

Son, like every human on earth, I am flawed.  In so many ways.

You followed, along a path I had trod, and felt safe, and that it was the right thing to do, and for that I am amazed.

Each day I tell myself that I must be the best dad in the world to you.  You are looking at my every action, reaction.  Listening to every word and response.

I will try, and I emphasis the word try – to be better each day.  But I want you to know this:

Your life is your greatest teacher.  What you experience, only you can experience and learn from.  I only hope that I have walked a path that you could be proud of, that one day you think “I want to be like dad”.

I will always want you to be better than me, an improvement on the current model, and create a better example than I am trying to.

Ps. The lawn isn’t going to mow its self!

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