A dads tale..

  “Weekends always go too fast“- something I never ever say.

But this weekend, the first since Sid was born 19 months ago, I got the chance to spend all my time with him.
No wife around, who’s currently in India, no grandparents. No one.

Just me, and my baby boy.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m not ready to leave him. 

Just one more morning to make him breakfast before I go back to work and not see him for a few days, but I’m sat, 120 miles away from him, writing this message, and I count the days till I see my son again.

People ask me “how are you coping/managing?” As if I’m a baby sitter on an extended contract… In response I just say “it’s fine- it’s like we’re father and son!

Dads often get the rough end of the sick- were often seen as the babysitter and not the parent. As if somewhere in our social network mums won the battle of the parent crown, almost as though there actually was a battle somewhere.

Dad’s, and I can really only speak for myself, take on as much of the parenting as the mums do.

So where in our equality driven society did we get the perception that we aren’t as capable as a child’s mother? As though the mother is the only person in the child’s life that knows what’s best for the child?

I don’t know.

But I do know this. Being a dad, is as much of being a real parent as being a mum is.

My wife and I share a lovely link in this – We are both right, until Sid proves one of us wrong.

Which he takes great joy in doing. to whoever he pleases.

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