“Mother Nature … She’s a bitch”.. Andrew Fassbach

In the end of this all, it will be transparent how we have really dealt with and looked after our most elderly, at need, and marginalised that will be displayed as either a mark of greatness, or a stain on our society and nation.

If Mother Nature wanted to redress the balance, ensure that we changed our ways- she’s done it now.


So many planes not flying, so many cars parked out on drives not being driven, so many ships and boats not trawling the ocean, so many business working at a minimum, so many stores not open 24 hours a day.

It’s happening right now!

Imagine the reduction of pollutants, chemicals, the saving of the natural resources- what a relief this must be for our Mother Earth … she can finally breath …

It’s the reset she actually needs- we couldn’t give it to her, so she’s had to take it herself….

She wants us to be better to one another, and some places we’re finding the capacity to do so. In some places we’re finding the depths of human selfishness.

Whilst Mother Earth takes a breather – she just wants her children, us, humanity to find our balance again.

To address the pollution of selfishness and consumerism.

To address the massive inequality in our society and hold the big businesses to account- whose who think they can hoard the sheer disgusting amounts of wealth and not use it for the good of humanity when it’s needed most but would happily demand tax breaks from the powers.

This mirror will shine for us all.

What is that we want to see? What is it that we want to be ?

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