Things I’d Like my Son to Know 

Lesson #13 – The Truth doesn’t always hurt.

It’s a regular Friday and you’re at the office with your mum, playing around as usual.  Somehow, you find a little tray of out of date heart shaped chocolates, and it all goes wrong from here on in…

You’re playing with them in the kitchen under full instructions NOT to open or eat them, and your following the order perfectly, or at least we thought you were.

It was when your mums dad came to visit you that things went pear shaped. See, your grandad is often preoccupied during work hours and you don’t always have his 100% focus (different lesson). I think you knew this and decided to ask him “Nana,can I eat these?” and without too much attention, he said “Yes”.

Oh dear.

Before your nani could comprehend what had just been sanctioned, there was a pile of wrappers on the floor and the chocolates nowhere to be seen!

Now usually, when you’re asked for what happened, you deny all knowledge of there even being chocolates in your hands. And so we asked, and nana asked, and then along comes your mummy.

She is not impressed. Mainly because both her and I have a strict rule about sweets and sweet foods in your diet.

She asks and asks and then decides to change tack. She asks “tell me the truth please son..”

And you, for the first time, say “The truth is, that I ate them all.”

Instead of going nuts at you, she hugged and kissed you and thanked you for being honest.

Son, you may hear over and over again from people that “the truth hurts”.
This is not true.

In fact the truth is quite liberating. What seems like a bitter pill, is actually really beneficial as you can reflect on it and allow yourself to come to terms with it.

When you love someone, you are honest with them, about everything. Even if it reveals your darkest fears, shortcomings, flaws, or even how much chocolate you’ve sneakily eaten.

Tell the truth and never be afraid to do so, your greatest strength is in your ability to recognise truth, and understand it’s impact on yourself.

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