Things I’d Like my Son to Know. 

Lesson #5 – Laugh. Lots. 

I have always believed laughter is the best medicine.

My friends will say whiskey is, but I’ve never had a hangover from laughing too much.

Growing up my school friends thought I was weird. I found everything funny. Names, crap jokes, foreign words, a random memory, farting.

Just about anything.

I believe I hardly got ill because I laughed so much, and when I did, I found things that made me laugh and I recovered quickly.

Now I’m older I still hold this theory true (and yes- my friends still think I’m weird!)

Whenever, my son, you’ve been ill, your mum and I have tickled you, played with you, and done anything to make you laugh to get you to recover quickly. The times we haven’t done, you’ve not recovered as quickly and we’ve all been miserable as a result of it.

Laughter makes you feel good. For a lot longer than the laughter lasts. It raises your endorphins, lowers your cortisol, and lifts your spirits, higher than any intoxicant can.

Son, life is a beautiful gift and a wonderful journey. Take every single day as an opportunity to laugh about something.

Every night, think about, remember, or share with us, something that has made you happy or smile in the day, and you will find that your mind looks for the positive more than the negative.

Whatever you get dealt with in life, may not be fair, or the result of your own actions. But you have a choice.  To deal with it happily, or get upset through it.

If you develop the habit of erring towards the positive, you will seek out solutions, and find that often, the solutions find you.


5 thoughts on “Things I’d Like my Son to Know. 

  1. I like your thinking.
    I am a very positive person and like to think of everything as “the glass half full”.
    I just had a very challenging last 4 years with health issues, but my positive attitude has helped me through.
    What a good message to give to your son. 👍🏻

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  2. Fab read Vish and I agree with you 100% – keeping a positive mindset helps you get through so many things in life (including health issues) and laughter makes our journey on this earth more fun. Siddak is blessed to have all this to read when he’s older, live the way you write.
    Take care,

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