10 Things to do when visiting a dad of a newborn

Diary of a Dazed Dad

When my son was born we had the dread and fear as new parents, of visitors and hygiene and our care for our precious new arrival.

We knew that we’d have family/friends wanting to come over before we even step out of the hospital, and Indians are typically fast when it comes to seeing a newborn.

It’s as if we’re gonna get real offended if you wait to see us.

Honestly we’re not!

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I was the more neurotic parent and I was really sensitive when people came round. I wanted them to enjoy their time with my son, as well as try to give as much protection to him as I could.

You’re probably thinking “but kids need to have some exposure to germs in order to build up their immune system”- WRONG.

A newborn doesn’t need…

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2 thoughts on “10 Things to do when visiting a dad of a newborn

  1. I’d sign this one! Agree agree agree. I was quite good at sticking to the hour tops rule when guests came over!
    I REALLY miss the newborn stage! Reminds me just how much.

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