Happy back to the future day all…!

So one of my favourite movies of the 80’s was BTTF (alongside The Goonies) and it’s safe to say that kids these days don’t know what they missed out on..


Sid loves Minions

 Sid is addicted to all things Minion, so much so that he calls out “Mummy, Daddy, Minni (minion)” in that order at about 4am every morning…

Kids films these days are nowhere near as adventurous as they were when I was a kid, I always imagined myself as “Data” from The Goonies with his mad inventions and contraptions, with his ever so health and safety conscious tricks, and “mild peril” as the censor boards insist on warning us about. 

As we celebrate all things back to the future today, what were your favourite movies growing up? If you could be any character from a childhood movie- what would you be? 

Apple bran flake muffins

Just what the doctor ordered …

So we made a delicious Autumn treat last week- and Sid seemed to love them.

Apples were grown in our garden and just picked so we though why not…

What you need…

1 and a quarter cup of crushed bran flakes

1 and a quarter cup of plain flour

1 and a quarter cup of apple juice

A third of a cup of dark brown sugar

A quarter cup of melted butter

A tbsp baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1tsp vanilla extract

2 apples cut, peeled and chopped into small pieces

How to make it …

Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and give the mixture a good old stir.

Pour out into a muffin tray and bake at 190c for about 30 minutes.

Cool and enjoy!!