#1 Always make time

Its 5.55am and Sid is in bed with us after a teary sleep. He wanted to have breakfast at this hour, and me being in a rush to get to work wasn’t having it. 

I thought, let me see if he’ll go back to his own bed, he’ll sleep then… So after some cuddles and persuasion I managed to get him to his bed, but would he let me go? NOOOO…..

So I’m now cutting it fine to get showered and shaved ready for leeds, and I get the whole puppy eyes from him, so I ask… “Milk?” And he reluctantly gave me his bottle and said “go..”

So I brought him up some warm milk, and the to my amazement. He said “Daddy go.. Work…”

Lesson 1 for me– making time for Sid can go  one of two ways. Either I get late for work, or I get amazed by his appreciation and love even more…

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