When Sid met Sang…

10 days after Sang left for Mumbai, Sid gets reunited with his first love- his mummy. 

We landed in Dubai safe and sound and had a 2 hour wait before Sang’s flight landed. 

I’ve got to say, it was a longer wait than the 6 hour flight. 

Sid could tell he was going to see his mummy, he kept saying “mummy here” and “mummy plane”.

This is what happens when a son sees his mum after so many days…It was like love at first sight – again. I’ve never seen him so excited! He was jumping, spinning, laughing – he just couldn’t contain himself.   

 The beauty of a child’s love for his parents is beyond compare … 

For me, it was a gift just to be present in the moment and experience it. 

  And so ended 10 days of separation. And began a lovely holiday, the 3 musketeers back together again. 


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