Food glorious food!!!

Sid is finally eating by himself!

So IKEA was blessed by Sid having his first kiddies mean there and eating by himself!

The joy parents feel when their child takes their first steps in all areas is immense. As crazy as the little man is, he even posed for the camera with his spoon stuffed nicely in his mouth, and it brought tears to my eyes to see him nourishing himself, when I still have the memories of me having to pick him up out of his Moses basket to give him to his mum to feed from. 

In 14 months ive seen him go from dependent feeder to independent feeder, and it’s a great feeling. 

So to the little man – well done, now don’t make a mess! 

Love you Sid. Good night, sweet dreams son xxx


  We found out we were expecting in the autumn of 2013 and as most parents, we were filled with both anxiousness, excitement, and nervousness for the coming 9 months. As time progressed, dealing with wifey’s hyperemesis, spd, and bump distracted us from the fears that lay dormant inside… 
But that said, as a son, soon to be a father, I had a cocktail of fears and concerns about becoming a father… The hangover of which, was immense. 

The biggest fear I had was..”Will I be able to provide and care for my son, and him love me back, not just as a baby, but as a growing toddler and so on…” 

Is this normal for all dads or dads to be? What were your fears or concerns? 

It’d be good to hear your thoughts…

The recipe for a poorly boy …

So the little man is poorly… And taking full advantage of it!!!  
So the most he’s eaten today is a lovely fresh chicken burger I made from scratch, and because he’s little and needs some vegetables too, I grated them into the mix before cooking…

 What you need..

Half a carrot

Half a potatoe

A couple of pieces of broccoli 

Some chicken mince



Egg wash

How it’s made…

Grate the veg and micro for 3 mins to soften

Add to chicken mince and mix together

Divide into portions and dip into egg and coat in breadcrumbs 

Fry in a little veg oil on a medium heat until cooked through..