#2- Meditate with your kids

I drove back through rush hour traffic this evening to get home in time for shrove Tuesday and pancakes … Little did I know that my son was looking for time with his dad. 

  I carried him to bed, as he said good night to Mini Pui and Daddi ma. He blew his mummy a kiss and we made our way to his bed. 

I sat with him, and he propped himself over my shoulders and I sat and he said “daddy shimmi (simran)” so I began. 

Any agitation he had during the evening started to leave him and he exhaled, yawned and said “daddy bed” and pointed to his bed. 

I realised there is immense power in simran and prayer with sensitive beings. Sid is a sensitive child and he is very attuned to positive vibes. 

He jumps into bed, pulls the blanket up and says “mummy love you” and “daddy go”..

I gave a kiss to him and said “good night” and left.

Simran is a power that I have seen the effect of it in my son.