What a Milestone – Nappy Liberation Here we Come!!!

It took weeks of patience, routine, motivation but we finally did it….

We got our son to take a dump in the potty – moving us one step closer to nappy liberation.  Now is the tricky part.

I have celebrated and celebrated, with an immense number of “hip hip hooraaay’s” and further  celebrations while he pee’s and poo’s…

Its a massive milestone for us.  We have been spending an absolute fortune on nappies, and wipes, and nappy bags, but even still, because Sid looks a lot older than he is, I do get the odd stare from people wondering why a child that looks like a 4 year old is still in nappies.

He himself feels a sense of freedom too… he no longer needs to lie down to have his nappy cleaned, he is happy to go onto his “Winnie the Pooh” (quite appropriately named) potty and do his business.

He has a sense of accomplishment now, and a joy I’ve not seen on his face before.

So Sid is a curious one..

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