Nursing a poorly boy… :o(

Cute-Baby-Doctor-Checking-The-patcient-cute-momentIt’s a massive misconception that ALL dads run away from the thought of dealing with a poorly baby…I blame this ridiculous age that we live in where machismo has been forced upon us guys into oppressing our feelings and emotions into a one syllable grunt and snigger, hiding away our deepest concerns for our loved ones at home.

Sid has been really unwell over the last few days and its been heart breaking – as all parents know, to see your child go through it.

Sat in my empty hotel room, my heart and mind are at home with my wife, looking after Sid, and with Sid, who is fast asleep now, having endured another day of teething, cough, cold, and not eating.

Now knowing that my son gets his appetite from his mum’s side of the family, its really saddening to see him not eat, and struggle to drink his milk.  I hope that by the time my meeting is over tomorrow, and I get home, that Sid is back to his playful self.

So here’s to the dads that work away a lot – its difficult, and often really heart breaking when you cant be home to look after your baby, I hope that the mum’s know how much they are valued, and how much we would love to be there to take care of them.

So from a dad, 90 miles away, get well soon my darling boy…Good night, sweet dreams..