Things I’d Like my Son to Know

Lesson 10 – Friendship is priceless.

They say that you can identify the characteristics of a person by meeting the 5 people they are closest to.

I was talking to my wife some days ago, about how as we grow older, some of the friends we had as children, teenagers, young adults, seem to drift out of our lives, and we are, we hope, left with a few, strong ties, peers, family extensions we call friends.

I grew up with a few close friends.  I wasn’t particularly inundated with friends, but I had taken the decision (somewhat much to my regret) to have a few close friends, and not to cast the net out too wide, incase I became friends with someone that took me down a wild path of drugs, booze, promiscuity, for which my parents would surely whoop my ass.

No, I chose the normal path.  My closest friend in secondary school, or high school as it is known now, was a guy called Jonathan.  You may have seen Harry Potter right? Well basically this kid was the spitting image of Harry Potter, brown hair, glasses and sharp as a tack.  As we grew up, he seemed to age in much the same way as Daniel Radcliffe did in those films.

Yes JB was a good friend, perhaps the best mate a guy could ask for.  The thing I regret the most happened when we completed our GCSE’s and we were all deciding on where to go for 6th form, and much to my sadness, JB moved out of the school to a better 6th form, leaving me to, at this late stage, to start to formulate new friendships.

I really found it difficult to relate to the groups and cliques forming at school, and felt somewhat as an outcast.  It just so happened to find friends in my faith circle, and I now have, of the friends I have made during my life, kept 4 or 5 people closest to me.

Son, take each connection you make, as an opportunity to better yourself and the world around you.  Each person you meet will teach you something about yourself, and the people you keep closest to you will be your support when you need . They are your companions to share laughter and memories with.

Friends are like family that we find along the journey of life.  Family that have different parents, backgrounds, cultures, norms – but ones we see beyond because there is something we connect with within them. It might be difficult to understand what I’m saying – but remember this;  Make good friends, and make time for them.  Take time to understand them and be there for them.

Good friends are diamonds that we collect in the journey of our lives that make us all the more richer.


8 thoughts on “Things I’d Like my Son to Know

  1. Another very good post.
    You should actually save all those posts, make it into a book and give to to him at his wedding one day. It would be so special. He would see how much thought you put into raising him.

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      • I am not. The whole travel blogging became too time consuming for me, I even deleted my own travel blog.
        Now I am back blogging, unfortunately for a rather unpleasant reason – I broke my hip and it is extremely rare for a young person to have this kind of fracture, so maybe it helps somebody else out.
        I did enjoy your blog but I have a tough recovery right now to go through and need to focus on that. I hope you understand.

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      • Hi undine i’m really sorry to hear about your injury! I hope the recovery is good to you that you are back on your feet very quickly!
        I completely understand about the blogging I just haven’t had any reactions in a long time and I wondered where all my following had gone to or if there was a problem with my application and connections! Always here if you want to have a chat

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      • Thank you dear. Not a fun injury to have but I can do it. I have had two hip surgeries before. The third time is the charm, right?

        Check your settings. You write good posts, you should get some comments. Keep writing.

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