What a Milestone – Nappy Liberation Here we Come!!!

It took weeks of patience, routine, motivation but we finally did it….

We got our son to take a dump in the potty – moving us one step closer to nappy liberation.  Now is the tricky part.

I have celebrated and celebrated, with an immense number of “hip hip hooraaay’s” and further  celebrations while he pee’s and poo’s…

Its a massive milestone for us.  We have been spending an absolute fortune on nappies, and wipes, and nappy bags, but even still, because Sid looks a lot older than he is, I do get the odd stare from people wondering why a child that looks like a 4 year old is still in nappies.

He himself feels a sense of freedom too… he no longer needs to lie down to have his nappy cleaned, he is happy to go onto his “Winnie the Pooh” (quite appropriately named) potty and do his business.

He has a sense of accomplishment now, and a joy I’ve not seen on his face before.

So Sid is a curious one..

And because he can actually see his own poo, it makes him ever so curious about it..  And naturally, he sits there, all innocent, with his t-shirt covering his nose and making vomiting noises whenever he gets a whiff.

But I know what he’s thinking…

He’s thinking “oooh.. thats interesting… I only see this when my daddy or mummy are cleaning it, and its usually jammed into a nappy… I wonder if I could touch it…?”

As much as I love my son – his curiosity is going to make a mess in the house, and now he is using the potty, it could be disastrous!

Just to prove he isnt a one-hit-wonder, he managed to use the potty 2 times, once on the 1st of September and then on the 2nd… the second time was worst because the potty got kind of stuck to his bum as he lifted off it, which in physics means “splashforce on landing”.

The best news of the whole thing is that he is now no longer afraid to use the potty, and is happy to do his stuff somewhere other than his nappy…

The next step is the big one – getting him to wipe his own ass once he’s done!


6 thoughts on “What a Milestone – Nappy Liberation Here we Come!!!

    • We just turned a corner with him really quickly. We tried for ages and ages but then just went cold turkey on him. Took his nappy off, left him to it and said “no poopoo on the floor, only in the potty”. That was it. He had no choice!


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