#1 Always make time

Its 5.55am and Sid is in bed with us after a teary sleep. He wanted to have breakfast at this hour, and me being in a rush to get to work wasn’t having it. 

I thought, let me see if he’ll go back to his own bed, he’ll sleep then… So after some cuddles and persuasion I managed to get him to his bed, but would he let me go? NOOOO…..

So I’m now cutting it fine to get showered and shaved ready for leeds, and I get the whole puppy eyes from him, so I ask… “Milk?” And he reluctantly gave me his bottle and said “go..”

So I brought him up some warm milk, and the to my amazement. He said “Daddy go.. Work…”

Lesson 1 for me– making time for Sid can go  one of two ways. Either I get late for work, or I get amazed by his appreciation and love even more…

Sun, Sea, Sand, Sid and Sang

Strategically positioning the main gate to the resort so that sun sets directly inside it is a stroke of genius.   
Perhaps one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen (Maldives had a phenomenal one), this was just luckily captured as we walked past the main doors. 

The doubletree at Marjsn Island is a fantastic resort for kids and has an abundance of facilities to offer… As I compile a fuller review of the resort, here are some pictures of our fun time this week…